August End of the Month for a Cause

Each month, Res/Title chooses a cause to support on the last refinance day of the month.  For this month’s “End of the Month for a Cause,” Res/Title has chosen to support the Kindness Coalition of Massachusetts with their goal to fill backpacks for kids in need!  We asked for your favorite teacher story and we will be donating school supplies for every submission received (with an additional item donated for a picture submitted with it).


Check out the stories we received:



Mr. Pepin.. aka Pepguy he was my acapella direct and Chorus teacher throughout my four years of Highschool. Whenever he would see us, we would sing Hotel California or Bohemian Rhapsody every Friday and his class was always my escape for the day. His love for teaching and “his kids” I will never forget. This picture was taken on my last day of Highschool 2008. Whenever he would see me and my friends he would say “no boys! No tattoos! No piercings!”

-Rachel, Refi Closings Prep


Rachael with Mr. Pepin!


One of my most memorable teacher moments was with my 3rd-grade teacher, Sister Edna. She was always very blunt and direct with me which put me in my place in a way I definitely needed at 9 years old. In a parent-teacher conference, she referred to me as “all brains, no balance,” a phrase that I think is still true to this day 🙂

-Jimmy, Chief Sales Officer


One of my most memorable teachers was Mr. Carpenter, my high school history teacher. It was the first time I noticed a teacher pushing us so much not to just memorize facts but actually question and UNDERSTAND why they were facts. It was the first time I saw learning as more than just a regurgitation of answers. I started taking every class I could with Mr. Carpenter. I will never forget his class on the World Wars where he split us up into different countries and forced us to think from all perspectives. It was the reason I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in US History. Thanks to Mr. Carpenter I learned that the benefit of that was the growth of my ability to analyze situations not just spit back a series of events. 😊

-Regina, COO


My favorite teacher was my 4th Grade teacher, she was right out of college and so enthusiastic and made that year so much fun, she had the best ideas to keep all of us kids occupied and then she ended up being my sons teacher years later.

-Carol, Refi Closing Prep


While it’s not about my own favorite teacher, it’s about my son, Tyler’s,  teacher this past year for 1st Grade.  She was absolutely wonderful.  Lots of fun projects and had a great sense of making learning fun and interesting for the kids.  My son enjoyed going to school daily and raved about her as well.  He had a great year and I feel as though he grew and learned so much in such a short amount of time.  He is now beyond ready for 2nd grade.  She exceeded our expectations as a teacher and leader 😊

-Nicole, Pre Closing Assistant

Nicole’s son


My favorite teacher was my middle school English teacher. She had us read all different genres of books to find what we liked best. I love to read and look forward to long train rides (but not too long) so I can continue reading my books.

-Stephanie, NY State Manager

My ESL teacher Mrs. Snow was amazing, she took lots of time and patience teaching me how to pronounce certain words and if I was stuck on something or embarrassed to say it in front of people I could tell her and she would make sure when I left I knew how to say whatever it was and was comfortable, I was never embarrassed in front of her and she didn’t make me feel weird for not knowing how to speak English, I was very shy because I didn’t know how to speak English and she -helped me a lot and my sister.

-Rose, Pre Closing Assistant


I had many great teachers in my day… mostly nuns but the one who stands out among them was my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Ford.  She was also the first lay teacher that I had. She instilled in me a love for poetry and the arts. She had a very caring way about her and made each child for special.

I’m sure she’s been on many “favorite  lists.”

-Claire, MA Account Rep


My favorite teacher from high school was Ms. Sally Russ.  She was an AP English teacher at Waltham High School, who was a tall, red-headed, sassy lady who was passionate about her love of reading and her students.  My favorite memory of her was overhearing her argue in the hallway with another teacher from the history department about a book we were reading at the time that had swear words in it.  The other teacher did not think it was appropriate that there were swears in something children were reading and Ms. Russ loudly responded, that she didn’t “give a shit” what that teacher thought and walked away.  Legendary.

-Meghan, Title Plant Manager


My favorite teacher was a high school history teacher. I had him for a few history classes and a law class over the course of my high school career. He was an inspiration to all students that had the privilege of having him. He took time to know all of this students, and showed interest in their lives, which led them to actually want to learn from him.  I can say he is the reason I went on to get a bachelor’s degree in history, and then on to law school.

-Jen, MA State Manager


I had a teacher in HS for two years, her name was Ms. Eisen.  We were super close, I still talk to her from time to time.  She was a really great teacher because she actually did a lot of activities in the classroom as well as outside.  I took two classes with her, Personal Business Law and Commercial Law.  I liked Commercial Law better (it counted as college credit, there were more kids who wanted to be there as opposed to just taking it to fill their electives, and I learned a lot more, I thought).  She even had a court room built in her classroom where a “judge” could sit.  She was the judge lol.  We would be in teams and work together to come up with cases based on little blurbs.  We even competed in Law Day a few times, we won first place one year and she called the three of us the “Dream Team.”  It was just really nice to be in her classroom.  We also had a Mock Trial team, but then funding got cut my Senior Year and we didn’t have the club anymore.  She even helped me go to Mock Trial Camp one summer (such a nerdy thing but I had a blast!).  The last thing I am going to say about her is that she was also great with field trips, we got to go see the People’s Court for filming twice which was awesome, I think I was on TV in the background but I never saw the episodes air lol.

-Sara, NY Paralegal


My Junior year of High School I needed to take an extra elective and decided on “Oral and Written Communications,” with Mrs. Buhler. I had heard it was a really great class to take but didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. We did a lot of creative writing which I’d always been drawn to but then we had to share our work with the class, which was very intimidating.  She was so great to push me out of my introverted bubble. Everyone in the class was very different from each other, from the senior star football player to a foreign exchange student but by the end of the year we had all become friends while becoming so encouraging of each other’s work and public speaking skills! Thanks to Mrs. Buhler I love writing and overall had a good experience in her class

-Kate, Marketing












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