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According to the U.S. Census Bureau the Millennial generation is the largest in US history, bigger than the Baby Boom.  And they’re motivated; this next generation of first-time home buyers is more dedicated to improving their credit in order to become home-owners than previous generations. 67% of millennials (between age 18 and 35) say they are motivated to improve their credit to achieve this goal, compared to Gen Xers at 53% (age 36 – 50), and Baby Boomers at 52% (age 51 – 70), according to the Chase Slate 2016 Credit Outlook.


Here’s a few tips to help these first-time home buyers:


Set a budget
When setting a budget look at all of your expenses and income. Decide what a realistic budget is for you and your family’s needs. A rule of thumb is usually that you can buy a house that runs about two-and-half times your annual salary.


Check your credit scores
A few months before you start house hunting obtain a copy of your credit. Examine and begin fixing any blemishes. Remember; try not to apply for any additional credit lines during this period. Multiple credit inquiries can actually hurt your credit score. So stay away from any new cars, credit cards and the like. Even a new job!


Get pre-approval
Now that you have set a budget and have cleaned up your credit score, get pre-approved. Pre-approval makes your offers stronger! Make sure you have copies of your pay stubs, W-2’s, tax returns and current bank statements for the lender to review.


Start Researching Neighborhoods
Ok, you have your approval letter in hand. Now it’s time for the fun part. Start looking at houses in your price range and research the neighborhoods. Be sure to look into school districts, tax rates for the area, and check out the location and neighborhood of the house.


Hire a Realtor
Once you have an idea what you can afford, and where you would like to look hire a professional! They can help you navigate through the negotiating process. Realtors are your advocates!


We are your resource before, after and during the transaction.


Res/Title offers our services to streamline the closing process:


Before Closing:
Guaranteed online LE Calculator
Customized Home Buyer Notebooks
Purchase and Sales Review
Secure Online Ordering


Title work turnaround 2-5 business days
Travel and afterhours closing with no additional fee
Dedicated Transaction Team
Most Competitive Fees Nationwide


After Closing:
Secure Document Portal
Bounded booklets with signed closing docs
SOC and ALTA Best Practices certified procedures


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