Printable check list for Homebuyers

Download our printable homebuyer PDF checklist! And follow these 10 steps to buying a home!  

Stephanie Mangels receives the JLLI Volunteer of The Year Award

We would like to congratulate Res/Title’s New York Attorney & State Manager Stephanie Mangels, Esq. for receiving the Junior League of Long Island®’s Volunteer of The Year Award 2016-2017!       The Junior League of Long Island® was founded in 1951 and is made up entirely of women dedicated…

RES/TITLE’s first in the nation CEMA calculator that can save you thousands in Mortgage Tax

  A Consolidation, Extension and Modification Agreement (“CEMA”) may potentially save New York borrowers thousands of dollars on their refinance transactions.   According to the Federal Reserve, buyers on average spend 3% of their mortgage amount on closing costs. However, in high-tax areas of the country such as New York,…

We are celebrating our Anniversary!

Thank you for your continued support as we’ve grown throughout the years..     “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.”  -Khalil Gibran  

RES/TITLE Completes Streamlined Integration with Calyx

Res/Title’s Completes Streamlined Integration with Calyx Res/Title is happy to announce its integration with Calyx’s LOS systems effective November 2, 2015. The integration allows Calyx Point users to access and utilize Res/Title’s state of the art resources without ever leaving their loan origination systems.  Through the WebConnect integration a Calyx user…

RES/TITLE’S Latest Best Practices Certification

Res/Title is your trusted source for compliant closings.  Just this week our Best Practices procedures have been certified by a third party auditing firm through Westcor Land Title Insurance.   Click here to view our latest certification        


RES/TITLE IS EXPANDING! Now RES/TITLE’S full suite of services are available to you in even more states. At 32 licensed states and growing, RES/TITLE is your comprehensive source for title and settlement services across the nation. Need services outside of our footprint?? We can handle that too! Our national partnerships…

The Young and the Restless

5 Tips for the Next Generation of Home Owners Let’s play a game. It’s called, Name that Generation. Ready? Set, Go…   Q1: Who is tech savvy?   Q2: Slow to marry?   Q3: Has over a $1 trillion in student loan debt?   If you answered, The Millennial Generation…

The Lowdown on Private Mortgage Insurance

The Lowdown on Private Mortgage Insurance Want to buy a home? Since the downturn of the housing market in 2008, banks have implemented more stringent requirements. Twenty percent down is now standard.   Don’t have that kind of cash in the bank? Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) may be your answer…

A Real Estate Company Goes Tech

Travis Thom wanted to simplify the lead generating process for real estate agents.  Thus he teamed with some programmers, discussed his ideas, and viola Leads2Listing spawned. The idea came about after painstakingly cold calling owners of outdated seller listings.  The time, money and effort became overwhelmingly frustrating for him and…

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