Spirit month week 3: wacky day!

August is Spirit Month! Each week the staff dresses up to show our spirit; this week’s theme was “Wacky Day.”   Check out our great pictures!      

Res/Title visits Animal Rescue RI as part of our End of the Month for a Cause

Today, Res/Title team members visited Animal Rescue Rhode Island to deliver 51 items to their pets as part of the July “End of the Month for a Cause.” We asked for submissions of your memorable pet stories and photos (read about them here) and thanks to your responses, we donated…

Spirit Month Week 2: Disney Day!

    Res/Title is celebrating Spirit Month this August! For the second week we dressed up as our favorite Disney characters! Check out our pictures: Our villains: Megan, Rose, and Olga as Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent.

Week 1 of Spirit Month: 80s Day

August is Res/Title Spirit Month for our team! Thanks to our volunteer photographer Alessandra (Policy Prep) we documented everyone’s great outfits. Check out our great pictures from week 1- themed 80s day!        

We are your resource for secure transactions

  Cyber crimes. Stolen information. Unreliable staff. All these things could make you leery over trusting an outsider with your personal information. At Res/Title we’ve got you covered. We take extra steps to keep your information secure both digitally and in-house…   Why implement ALTA’s Best Practices model? Adhering to…

End of the Month for a Cause July: Animal Rescue RI

This month, Res/Title is raising funds for the Animal Rescue of Rhode Island as part of our “End of the Month for a Cause!”      Each month we choose a cause to support and accept submissions by the last refinance day. We asked for memorable stories about your pet and for…

End of the Month for a Cause June: Easter Seals Disability Services

  This month, Res/Title is raising funds for the Easter Seals Disability Services of Massachusetts as part of our “End of the Month for a Cause!”   Founded in 1944, the Easter Seals Disability Services of MA strives to aid children and adults with disabilities to have equal opportunities- offering…

May End of the Month for a Cause: From Home to Our Heros

    Res/Title paralegal Carol Leca, whose office is decorated with pictures of her three sons and “Proud Marine Mom” banners, is passionate about both her personal family and “work family.” Her favorite part about working at Res/Title is the comradery.   “Everyone here cares and asks about your life,”…

Take Advantage of Our Extras!

  We all love extras- especially when they’re free. Whether the hotel you’re staying at provides continental breakfast or you stumble upon a burrito shop that doesn’t charge more for guacamole (this is rare- we all know paying extra for guac is standard!) the bonus perks are convenient and make…

End of the Month for a Cause April:

  What if you had to choose between getting an education and spending your day collecting water to survive? What if you didn’t have immediate access to a toilet, shower or clean drinking water?  What if this was a reality?   For the 884 million people around the world living…

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