December’s “End of the Month for a Cause” fundraising for Laurel House of PA!

This Holiday Season, we provided a local shelter with toys and other holiday gifts on their wish list as part of our December  “End of the Month for a Cause.”


Lauren House has been serving domestic abuse victims in Montgomery County, PA since 1980 with the purpose to provide a hotline and emergency shelter for victims. The agency has grown into a comprehensive domestic violence agency, which also provides supportive and preventative services.


There are currently over 3,000 families who rely on LH’s services.  Many show up with nothing and are given basic needs and a shelter.


Thank you for sharing with us your favorite holiday gift you’ve ever given or received! We were able to make a donation for each submission to LH!


Read the stories we’ve received:

“When I was around 8 years old, circa 1988, I did two things all the time: I played baseball and Nintendo. One for the summer and one for every other season in the northeast. There was this thing for Nintendo called the Power Glove, and when you’re 8 years old, there’s nothing cooler than something called the Power Glove. The problem was this glove thing cost around $100 and I grew up in a lower middle class family. So Christmas came around that year and I unwrapped all my gifts and no power glove. That’s ok, I knew it was a long shot. Then my stepdad pulled out this last present from behind the cabinet, saying Santa must’ve misplaced it. Of course it was the Power Glove. Joyous severely underestimates how excited I was! So my Mom –never one to miss a teaching opportunity- asked me how great it would be to be the one to provide underprivileged kids with that same feeling. So from the following year, 1989, up to now, I’ve volunteered to deliver toys to underprivileged kids back in my hometown. I get up at about 3:30am on Christmas Day to do it. All because of some stupid glove”

Ken Sanford, Mortgage Originator
OwnersChoice Funding



“The best gift ever given to me was the birth of my daughter.  My husband and I had trouble conceiving a child.  The few times I did conceive ended in miscarriage.  A very special friend offered to carry a baby for us.  She went in to false labor on 12-24-98 but was sent home from the hospital the next day.  The special gift finally arrived in January.  This was truly the best gift ever!”

Doreen O’Neill, Branch Sales Manager
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage



“It will be coming as soon as I know Susan Klemm is approved who is a cancer survivor I just helped with her challenging mortgage refi to save $1000 a month ! She is still working and struggling to pay some  medical bills that were not covered by her insurance. I have been working with her for over 6 months and I will send you the title order soon so you can finish that part of our gift – her debts all wrapped into one at closing . Some I pray hard for and the satisfaction is greater than any  commission . thank you for your support and donation.”

Deborah Woolley, Mortgage Development Officer


“My favorite gift I received was when I was a young girl, my grandmother gave me her necklace that had her birthstone in it (opal). She gave it to me because I share her name. I will now pass this along to my own daughter when she is a bit older, since her birthstone is also opal.”
Jennifer Daniel, MA State Managing Attorney


“In 1980 my husband gave me a beautiful coat for Xmas.  I couldn’t wait to try it on… I put my hand in a pocket and there was an engagement diamond ring!  And here we are today…. Married for 34 ½ years!!!!”

Sue Graves, Realtor
EXIT Assurance Realty



“The best gift I ever gave, I don’t even remember what was in the box. It was my first Christmas as a mom and my daughter Sophia opened a Playskool toy in a big box. She was so excited about just opening the present, so she kept laughing and playing drums on the box. I don’t know if I will ever remember what was in the box, but I will always remember her smile that day.”
Regina Braga, Chief Operating Officer


“I wanted to share my favorite Christmas gift I gave my parents.  My parents had a 19” television for about 15 years.  Every year my brothers and I attempted to purchase a new TV for our parents, but our mum absolutely refused.  She would tell us not to spend any money, that all they wanted for Christmas was light bulbs!  Last year my brothers and I pooled our money and bought them a 32” flat screen TV.  The box was pretty big, and we thought for sure they would figure it out.  So we sat them down on the couch together and put the big box on their lap and told them to open it.  My mum started to press down on the box trying to figure out what it was!!  I told her to stop because the present was fragile.  When they opened the box all she could say was, “you bought us a TV?”.  She said this several times in disbelief.  They were so excited.  My brothers hooked the TV up and they spent the next three days in the living room glued to the TV.  It was really amazing.  They love their TV!  This is by far the best Christmas gift I have given.”

Katherine Ratliff
Allied First Bank


“The first holiday after my daughter Brielle was born we made over 400 cookies to deliver to the nurses and doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to thank them for taking care of our daughter when she was born with a congenital heart defect.”
Brooke Solomon, National Sales Manager


“When my oldest kids were 2 and 5 my husband surprised us with a puppy, a neighbor kept the puppy overnight and in the morning while we they were opening gifts from Santa, doorbell rang and there was a box, they opened and starting screaming poor puppy was so scared, lol and from there on they were in love with Peanut.”

Rose Campbell, Pre-Closing Assistant 


“Memorable Christmas was 1996 when my husband now ask me to marry him.  We were married 11 months later in November, 1997. 2000 and after lots of great Christmas with our girl Kayla.”
Dena Robinson, Closing Manager 


“My memorable Christmas was the year there was a huge box in the living room and to find out there was a key in the box for my car waiting outside.”
Kayla Robinson


“Can’t decide if my favorite gift is my “World’s Greatest Mom” mug that my boys bought me at the elementary school Christmas Shopping about 15 years ago, which I still have my hot chocolate in or my brand new car that I bought myself this year! It’s a toss-up! 😊”
Donna Senra, Accounting Assistant


“I received a calendar from my son and daughter in law with pictures of my grandsons, I still have it!”
Carol Leca, Closing Paralegal


“My favorite gift I’ve given was to Bob Bancroft….a bag of chorizo wrapped in a bow!  LOL….Story behind it is…Bob always tells everyone that because I’m Portuguese I make my own chorizo and hang it up all over my kitchen in the basement and every meal I eat has chorizo in it.  Bob loves chorizo so he was very happy with his gift.  It was a pleasure to see his face light up.  (He’s just jealous he’s not Portuguese)”
Sandra Caetano,
Bank RI


“When I was 16 years old I told my father and stepmother I wanted a ring that had my name written on it.  Well Christmas day came and I opened all of my gifts and a huge box was saved for last.  I started to open it up and it was filled with the popcorn stuffing.  By time I emptied the whole box there was nothing in it.  My parents turned to me and said are you sure there is nothing in there.  I looked back inside the bottom of the box and wouldn’t you know there was one piece of popcorn taped to the bottom of the box and the ring I wanted was in there.  It was a great surprise and very well thought out by my parents 😊”
Lori Martinelli, Closing Paralegal


“My second year of high school I had an operation right before the holidays. I was out of school and it wasn’t fun- but that year my parents made it a little better and surprised us with a Wii with games like Guitar Hero to go with it! My sister and I were so excited.”
Kate Hurd, Marketing Director


“My favorite gift I ever gave was to my Aunt Donna.  It was a vintage kit from the American Red Cross that had a copy of the original pattern for socks that women knit for soldiers in World War I.  It came inside an army green time with the American Red Cross logo emblazoned on it, with a copy of the “Our Boys Need Sox. Knit Your Bit.” poster, as well as the required green yarn and knitting needles.  Very cool gift and she really enjoyed it.”
Meghan Conners, Title Operations Manager


“Eagles jacket”
Jason Thackray


“Favorite gift given was a Car.”
Bob Briden


Thank you to everyone who participated!

Res/Title chooses one cause to support monthly and is always open to new suggestions. If you have a cause you are passionate about, please reach-out:


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