End of the Month for a Cause July: Animal Rescue RI

This month, Res/Title is raising funds for the Animal Rescue of Rhode Island as part of our “End of the Month for a Cause!” 



Each month we choose a cause to support and accept submissions by the last refinance day. We asked for memorable stories about your pet and for each submission we donated 1 item to the shelter. A photo submitted would add an additional item!


Check out this month’s great submissions!


“Here is a picture of Minnie Tiki Barber’s birthday party!” From Lisa Lugauskas of Chicago Title


“Here is a picture of Jose, who only speaks Spanish. He reset our alarm clock (a multi-step process) to the Spanish speaking station. TWICE!” From Lisa Lugauskas Chicago Title


“That one time Koda and I passed out after eating too much Thanksgiving turkey” -Olga Antelo, Admin at Res/Title


Koda and Olga Antelo, Admin at Res/Title



Olga’s dog Koda


“Gisselle lifts her front paw when she wants pets!” Kate, Res/Title Marketing


“My dog is too cool for me” Justin Ray, Lifespan


“Louie’s not a cat, he’s a unicorn.” Alyssa Anderson, Brown University

“Sweet Roxy girl,” Jill Coffey, Res/Title Recording Assistant


“My favorite story is the day we first met. I had gone to BayPath Humane Society in Hopkinton MA just to look at the dogs, with no real intention of adopting one. They had just brought in a litter of lab/shepherd puppies from Indiana, so I went to that kennel first. There were 7 or 8 puppies in there, all running around like lunatics, except a gorgeous all white puppy just sitting at the front of the kennel. I leaned down to get a better look at her, and when I braced my hands on the ground in front of me to balance myself, her paw reached out and touched my hand, and I was a goner. I asked if I could meet her, outside the kennel, so they brought us into a room. When they let her off the leash, she came right at me, full-tilt and knocked me off my knees, paws on my chest, kissing all over my face and peed all over my leg. The shelter employee was mortified and started profusely apologizing, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I said there was nothing to apologize for, that she clearly picked me. After some paperwork and an incredibly expensive unplanned trip to Walmart, I brought home a puppy named Maggie. She’s been my bestie ever since 😊” -Meghan Conners Res/Title Title Plant Manager


“My daughter Emma with our fur-baby Bella” Nichole Pouler, Res/Title Pre-closing assistant



“Emma with my sisters dog that she was “fostering” but fell in love with a few weeks back and has since adopted, Ollie” Nichole Pouler, Res/Title Pre-closing assistant



“#AllTheNikos” Dan Parker, Insuremytrips


“Yard games with Bodhi :)” Alexandra Berard


“My friend Glenn’s dog!” Ryan Pina, Ampersand Media


“Joey the dog!” Kyle Grant, Momentum


“My parent’s dog, Guinness.” Erin Mullen-Parker, URI Library


“Kio, the ultimate old Irishman” -Tim Hordern, Fritolay


“Chipmunk is 10 years old and saved from RISPA- she loves rubber soles and sunlight” Tom Roderick, Chipotle



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