End of the Month for a Cause June: Easter Seals Disability Services


This month, Res/Title is raising funds for the Easter Seals Disability Services of Massachusetts as part of our “End of the Month for a Cause!”


Founded in 1944, the Easter Seals Disability Services of MA strives to aid children and adults with disabilities to have equal opportunities- offering everything from funding for disabled people who are in need of certain devices to training and employment services. Easter Seals’ supporters in Massachusetts include nearly 110,000 individuals, foundations, corporations, small businesses and service clubs and 89% of funding goes directly to serve people with disabilities in the Commonwealth.


The idea behind an “Easter Seal” comes from Edgar Allen who in lost his son in a streetcar accident in 1907. Due to the lack of adequate medical services available that could have saved his son’s life, he decided to create his own hospital and with that he learned many disabled children were hidden from the public. To change this, in 1919 Allen founded the first charity for the disabled: The National Society for Crippled Children.


In 1934 this organization launched its first Easter “Seals” fundraiser in which donors would show their support by placing seals on envelopes. Artists began designing seals that incorporated the Lily – a spring time flower- which was soon adopted as the organization’s mascot, along with the adoption of the new name “Easter Seals.” Today there are 73 local Easter Seals in communities nationwide striving to help adult and senior services,    autism services, medical rehabilitation, mental health services and residential services.




We received for submissions of your own Easter Seals! Participants downloaded one of our 3 colorable “seals” (or the design your own seal!) & submit a picture of the artwork to raise funds for the Easter Seals Disability Services of Massachusetts:


Easter Seals  option 1

Easter Seals  option 2

Easter Seals option 3

Easter Seals – design your own


Check out these great submissions:


COO Regina Braga’s daughters with their artwork.


Pre-closing assistant Rose’s daughters submitted their artwork.


Artwork made by Res/Title employees Regina, Meghan, Jill and Olga!



Jennifer Daniels, MA Account Manager’s artwork.




Artwork by Kayla Robinson!


Artwork by Kayla Robinson!


Artwork by Racheal, Refi Closing Prep.


Sara, NY paralegal’s artwork.


Artwork by Kayla Robinson!


Submission by Kate, marketing





Artworks by Lisa, Post Closing Paralegal


Maryuri, Post Closing Paralegal’s son submitted this artwork.


By Donna, accounting assistant

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