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We all love extras- especially when they’re free. Whether the hotel you’re staying at provides continental breakfast or you stumble upon a burrito shop that doesn’t charge more for guacamole (this is rare- we all know paying extra for guac is standard!) the bonus perks are convenient and make us appreciate the service provided just a little more.

What complimentary services does your title company provide?  At Res/Title we are always working to provide the best resources we can for realtors, lenders and homebuyers. Take advantage of all we have to offer.


For Everyone:

We keep you informed. From our new first-time homebuyer webinar to our informative blog we provide our expert knowledge about the industry to consumers. 

We speak your language. Res/Title has fluent Spanish speakers on staff to assist you start to finish. Email us at  espanol@res-title.com to speak with a staff member. We can also accommodate closings in a host of other languages.

We provide a 24/7 Secure Collaborative Portal for Lenders, Real Estate Agents and “Millennial” Buyers. See the status of your files and download your documents.

We provide a Guaranteed Loan Estimate Calculator, (with protection against variance issues on Loan Disclosure) Secure Online Title Ordering, and Secure Collaboration Portal.


For Realtors and Lenders:

We host CE Classes for realtors from a variety of topics like Cyber Security to Title Insurance Training.

We can sponsor open houses for realtors. We offer co-hosting, catering and handouts to promote your next broker open.

We provide realtors and lenders with marketing materials such as our home-buyer booklets white-labeled for you. We can also create custom design orders such as flyers to promote your listings.

We are ALTA Best Practices and SOC Certified with nationwide Coverage for Residential, Commercial, Home Equity and REO transactions.

We offer complimentary current owner title runs for realtors.


For Home-buyers:

We provide top-notch customer service with a dedicated representative to assist you. Take advantage of our live-chat feature available during business hours.

We pride ourselves on rapid turn-around times– with 75% of orders completed in 2-5 days.

We offer travel and afterhours closings in all 50 states.

We offer Purchase and Sales reviews for our buyers.

We host home-buyer seminars providing tips and information about the closing process for buyers.


We can’t change the fact that guacamole will always be extra, but our services remain complimentary as we strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Contact us today to take advantage of all we have to offer!  Contact sales@res-title.com.

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