New York State Real Estate Forms

2017-TOF-RE-DNLD Getting Started

RE001 Blank Worksheet for Estimating Closing Costs

RE002 Attorney’s Checklist- Action Prior to, at Time of, and Subsequent to Closing

RE002A Residential Contract of Sale (Microsoft Word Format) (NYSBAlNYSLT AI ABCNY INYCLA)

RE002A * Residential Contract of Sale (PDF Format) (NYSBAlNYSLT AI ABCNY INYCLA)

RE003 Contract of Sale (NYBTU Form 8041)

RE003A Property Condition Disclosure Statement

RE004 Lead Paint Disclosure Form for Housing Sales

RE005 Lead Paint Disclosure Form for Housing Rentals and Leases

RE006 Rider Clauses to Contract of Sale-Purchaser

RE007 Holdover Agreement (Short Form)

RE008 Holdover Agreement (Long Form)

RE009 Occupancy Agreement

RE010 Acceleration Affidavit-To Postpone Condition Requiring Borrower to Sell Current Residence

RE011 Attorney’s Affidavit of Compliance

RE012  Warranty Deed with Full Covenants

RE013 Bargain and Sale Deed, with Covenant Against Grantor’s Acts (Individual or Corporation)

RE0014 Bargain and Sale Deed, Without Covenant Against Grantor’s Acts

RE0015  Quitclaim Deed (IRS-8009)

RE016 Executor’s Deed (NYBTU-8010)

RE016A Administrator’s Deed

RE017  Referee’s Deed in Foreclosure

RE018 F.I.R.P.T.A. Non-Foreign Certification by Individual Transferor

RE019 F.I.R.P.T.A. Affidavit of Facts Relating to the Withholding of Tax upon the Disposition of United States Real Property Interests Pursuant to 26 U.S.C. 1445(B)(2)

RE020 Undertaking/Indemnity for Transfer Tax by Transferee and Its Designated Title Agency

RE021 Rider Clauses to Contract of Sale—New Construction

RE022 Rider Clauses to Contract of Sale—Condominium Unit

RE022A * Contract of Sale—Cooperative Apartment

RE022B  Contract of Sale – Condominium Unit (Microsoft Word Format)

RE022C Explanatory Notes—Condominium Contract of Sale Rider

RE023 Clauses to Contract of Sale—Cooperative Apartment

RE024 Brokerage Agreement—Seller 

RE025 Blank Worksheet Form for Calculating Seller’s Closing Costs

RE026  Rider Clauses to Contract of Sale—Seller 

RE027 Seller’s Attorney’s Transmittal Letter

RE028  Phraseology of Typical Title Report Exceptions

RE029  Certification for No Information Reporting on the Sale or Exchange of a Principal Residence

RE030  Sample of “No Other Name” and “No Judgments” Affidavit Submitted for Clearance of Title—Exceptions Raised

RE031 Natural Person Mortgagee—Affidavit of Exemption § 253(1-a)

RE032 Power of Attorney – New York Statutory Short Form, New York Statutory Gifts Rider and Suggested Modifications

RE035A New York State Disclosure Form—Buyer and Seller

RE035B New York State Disclosure Form—Landlord and Tenant 

RE036 Addendum to Contract for Purchase and Sale

RE037 Help for Homeowners in Foreclosure

RE038 Buyer Retainer Letter

RE039  Seller Retainer Letter

RE040  Disclosure Statement

RE041  Privacy Policy Notice

RE043 Authorization to Release Information

RE044  Title Insurance and You

RE0045 Is Title Insurance Worth the Extra Cost?

RE046 What Does a Survey Do For Me?

RE048  Investor Addendum

RE049  Uniform Acknowledgement In State

RE050  Uniform Acknowledgement Out of State

RE051 Subscribing Witness Acknowledgement In State

RE052 Subscribing Witness Acknowledgement Out of State

RE053 Columbia County Supplemental Real Estate Transfer Tax Return

RE054 * Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund

RE055  * Town of Warwick Community Preservation Fund (CPF) Transfer Tax

RE056 * Town of Red Hook Transfer Tax – Community Preservation Fund

RE057 Affidavit of Title

RE058  Judgment Affidavit

RE059 Fence and Boundary Affidavit

RE060  Survey Affidavit

RE061 Affidavit as to Power of Attorney Being in Full Force

RE062  Occupancy Agreement for Seller in Possession After Closing

RE063  Mortgage Note (Fixed Rate)

RE064 Mortgage Note (NYBTU Form 8011)

RE065  Mortgage

RE066 Mortgage (Statutory Short Form M)

RE067  Combined Note and Mortgage

RE068 Affidavit of Exemption (Tax Law §253(1-A))

RE069 * Cayuga County Clerk’s Recording Page

RE070  * Fulton County Recording Page

RE071  * Hamilton County Recording Page

RE072 * Orange County Clerk’s Office Recording Page

RE073 * Oswego County Recording Page

RE074 * Otsego County Recording Page

RE075  * Putnam County Recording Page

RE076  * Schenectady County Recording Page

RE077 * Suffolk County Recording Page

RE078  * Tioga County Recording Page

RE079 * Westchester County Clerk Recording Sheet

RE080 * Sample Closing Statement

RE081 Recording Fees, Mortgage Tax Rate and County Cover Sheet

RE082 * City of Yonkers Transfer Tax Form 

RE083 * City of Mount Vernon Transfer Tax Form and Instructions
RE084 * City of Peekskill Real Property Transfer Tax and Instructions

RE085  * General Offices, Addresses and Telephone N umbers for Assistance Disposing of Matters Raised in the Title Report

RE086  * Statutes of Limitations Chart

RE413 Broker’s Offer Memorandum — Fact Sheet

RE415 Estimate for Closing Costs — Purchaser

RE417 Resource Guide to Addresses and Numbers for Credit Report Information

RE418 Resource Guide to Agencies and Numbers for Home Environmental Health and Safety Information

RE421  Estimate of Closing Costs — Seller

RE423 Contents of Affidavit Seeking to Discharge Mortgage Where Lender Failed to Provide Satisfaction

RE425 Transitional Rules and Procedures Until Torrens System Abolished

RE427  Resources for Senior Citizen Homeowners

RE429 Sample Schedule A — Condominium Unit Description 

RE433  Acceptance of Statutory Short-Form Power of Attorney – Sample Letter

RE435-A Uniform Form Certificate of Acknowledgement (within New York State)

RE435-B Uniform Form Certificate of Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness(es) for Instruments Relating to Property in New York

RE437 Sample Retainer Letters

RE461 Privacy Policy Notice

RE- Fact Sheet-1  * EPA/HUD Lead Paint Fact Sheet

RE-lead brochure * Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home pamphlet RESMOKEALARM Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector Affidavit


RE-TAX-Dates * Westchester County Property Tax Payment Dates