Res/Title Success Story: Dena Robinson Closing Manager

Success Story: Dena Robinson

Closing Manager, Dena Robinson’s office is filled with colorful paintings, fun pens and a tiny shiny trophy with her name on it.  Starting out very young, Dena now has over two decades of experience here at Res/Title, taking the term “grow where you’re planted,” to another level.


A graduate from Katharine Gibbs College, Dena proves to be a huge asset to the company by organizing the work flow for the paralegal team.


“We talk every morning about what needs to get done that day,” said Dena, describing the process. Her team works diligently to make sure the home purchases go smoothly so there are no surprises at the time of the closings. “I pull things together every day.”


Overseeing the closing schedule and final review of purchases is also one of Dena’s many roles around the office.


“I love working on home purchases,” said Dena, “it’s exciting helping someone with their new home.”


The purchase process can take a few days but as soon as the files come in, Dena and her team get to work.


“We received a payoff at 4pm yesterday and got it done at 8:30am this morning,” she boasted, explaining that getting things done in a timely matter is a huge priority.


Paralleling her hard work and dedication is her commitment to the company.


“I was the baby- the youngest one in this place!” Dena joked, describing how Res/Title feels like family, “21 years and it’s such a great company to work for.”


Even Dena’s daughter Kayla helps out around the office with the ‘odds and ends,’ assisting with assembling booklets and filing.


Between her deep involvement in the company, love for what she does, and positive personality, Dena is a huge asset to Res/Title.  She can be reached at  Thanks for all your hard work, Dena!

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