Res/Title Success Story: Title Plant Manager Meghan Conners

Meghan Conners Success Story


Proudly sporting a shiny red stapler, a Monster energy drink, and pure ambition, Title Plant Manager Meghan Conners sits at her desk motivated to get to work. As Operations Manager, she assists in the day-to-day needs of clients and staff.


“I help out where ever I’m needed while getting my own stuff done,” Meghan said describing the role she plays in the office. Her other top priorities include overseeing the Title Department by coordinating & reviewing the title searches, as well as managing the file preparation process.


“I also keep the chocolate dish full,” she added.


Res/Title’s version of an “office superhero” it seems there nothing Meghan can’t do from overseeing the workflow process from order-entry to closing, to coordinating company lunches at the end of the month.




“Sometimes I even help out with the ‘goodies,’” she explained, another job that Meghan jumps in when needed. ‘Goodies” is Res/Title’s own lingo that describes all the documents needed for the bank to process a deed (wiring instructions, CPL and more). “Someone started calling them ‘the good stuff’ and eventually we all just shortened it to ‘goodies.’ The name just stuck.”
With 15 years of experience, she prides herself on both speed and precision.


“I once turned a title around in under 1 hour,” Meghan boasted when asked her biggest accomplishment. “We are proud of how quickly we process and how accurate we do it.”


Meghan has been with Res/Title since 2012. She can be reached at Keep up the good work, Meghan!

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