Spooky facts for home-buyers!

How many home buyers would actually consider living in a haunted house?  The Haunted Housing Report conducted by Realtor.com explains! Read more & check out our infographic below.


Most buyers wouldn’t flinch
Only 38% of homebuyers admitted that paranormal activity was a deal breaker when it comes to finding a home.


Be afraid… Be very afraid
Ever considered that your dream home be haunted? Here’s a few signs to look out for:

-Un-explainable low price

-Quick transition in owner

-Close proximity to an old battle field

Also keep in mind- the older the house is the more likely it is to be haunted. 25% of home buyers admitted to researching their possible new place for haunted history! To do some of your own investigating you can use DiedinHouse.com to find records if any deaths occurred on-site. You can also contact a local historian.


Can I sell a haunted home?
“Myself, I would pay more for a haunted location,” said Ghost Hunters host Jason Hawes.  The majority of respondents hoped that a discount would be offered if the house was haunted, but 12% would pay market value or even more! An alleged haunting, or a home where a famous murder took place, can have varied impacts on the value of the home.


Would you buy a haunted house?



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