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Cyber crimes. Stolen information. Unreliable staff. All these things could make you leery over trusting an outsider with your personal information. At Res/Title we’ve got you covered. We take extra steps to keep your information secure both digitally and in-house…


Why implement ALTA’s Best Practices model?
Adhering to these “Best Practices” by ALTA means we are certified and assessed by a third party national CPA firm.  Everything from fortifying our network to staying up to date with our licensing, we take the extra steps to ensure your information is secure and protected.  We also implement a back-up recovery on our servers and train our staff with how to deal with any issues that may arise. Learn more.


What is Res/Title’s “Clean Desk Policy?”
Res/Title ensures your information is safe by requiring our staff to lock their computers when away from their desk and keep their desks clear of any personal information such as social security numbers or bank information to ensure the security of important data.


How can we protect you against cyber fraud?
Victims of cybercrime in the course of a 3 year span (2013 to 2016) totaled 22,292. This equaled an exposed dollar loss of $1.6 Billion. Over 80% of these complaints happen in the U.S. and is a growing problem in the Real Estate and Title Industry.


Res/Title ensures your date is safe with up to date virus and firewall software and by utilizing back-up recovery on our servers.  All wiring instructions are sent encrypted and password protected. Our staff is also trained and tested on what signs to look for and how to catch fraudsters.


Learn more about how to protect yourself from wire fraud our tips.


Let us educate you.
We host cyber security trainings to educate others in the industry. The training teaches how to protect your data, how to help your clients develop situational awareness of attacks, how these attacks work and how to pick partners you can trust. We are your resource. Contact rbraga@res-title.com today if you’re interested in hosting your own!

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